Things to do in Curacao

If you’re looking for things to do in Curaçao, then you’ve come to the right place. Curaçao is only about 38 miles long (60 km), but there is undoubtedly something to do for everyone. In this article we will cover the best Curaçao activities, whether you want to follow tours, go on adventurous excursions, go hiking and sightseeing the island’s beautiful flora and fauna, or simply laying at the beach with a cocktail in your hands, we assure you that there are plenty of things to do in Curaçao!

Mount Christoffel


If you want to follow a tour on Curaçao and go on an unforgettable excursion, then Mount Christoffel – Curaçao’s highest mountain - is the place for you to start your adventure on Curaçao. The mountain is located at the reserved wildlife park called Christoffel Park, and there are eight different hiking trails for you to choose from. Mount Christoffel presents the hiker with the challenge of climbing to the highest point of the island, and this makes it one of the most exciting activities on Curaçao. On your way to the top, you will see stunning views of the flora and fauna of Curaçao, as well as the endless Caribbean Sea.


Porto Marie Beach



You’ve just come off the highest point on Curaçao, you’re sweaty, hungry and thirsty. You notice your thirst while being on the island goes beyond a glass of water. This time you’re in search of great cocktails or smoothies, and you also want more stunning views while you enjoy your well-deserved drink, so you continue with your routine of sightseeing on Curaçao.


If you can relate with all this, then we recommend paying a visit to one of Curaçao’s most beautiful beaches; Porto Marie Beach. Porto Marie offers white sands, crystal-clear waters, and amazing cliffs. It also has a beach bar with food and a great variety of cocktails and smoothies. All of this in a paradisiac environment.


Another special thing about Porto Marie is its peculiar inhabitants; pigs. Besides working on their Caribbean tan, these friendly animals will pose for the camera and kindly stick around until you reward them with some of your foreign snacks. Don’t worry, they are not too picky. Bread or crackers will seal the deal with them, and they’ll immediately walk along to the next group of snack-providers. Porto Marie Beach is something you cannot miss, so make it part of your list of things to do in Curaçao.


The “Blue Room” Cave


Of all the Curaçao activities that we could tell you about, the Blue Room Cave is perhaps one of the most unique ones. This astonishing “room” earned its name because it is a submerged cave that is naturally blue on the inside. How does this happen? the sun rays reflect on the water through the cave’s small entrance and illuminate the cave with a natural, bright blue light. If snorkeling is on your Wishlist of things to do in Curaçao, then the Blue Room is a must-visit place for you. 


How you get there makes it all even better. The best way to start your trip to the Blue Room is by driving to Santa Cruz Beach and renting a kayak. The lowest rent fee starts at $35 for 3 hours. If possible, we recommend going with someone local as it can be quite difficult to find the exact spot of the entrance of the cave.


Scharloo District



You’ve been out in the wild, and now you want to see a bit more of Curaçao’s heritage and culture. What does the history of Curaçao (hyperlink to article) have to tell you? What amazing stories will you take home with you? A great place to answer these questions is the Scharloo District of Willemstad.


The Curacao sightseeing in the urban scene is full of beautiful architecture, and Scharloo is the perfect example of this. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, this district radiates a mixture of art, history, and architecture that finds its roots in the 18th century, when Curaçao’s wealthiest merchants started building their beautiful baroque mansions in the proximity of the St. Anna Bay. Like the other districts of Willemstad, Scharloo has continued to build on its legacy as one of the most distinguished areas of the island, as many merchant houses in this district have been converted into business offices or government buildings. These new tenants have taken care of restoring the beautiful façades of the classical mansions, a proud reminder of the historic elegance of this district.


The Blue Curaçao Experience



You’ve now made your way from the beautiful nature in the west of Curaçao, into Scharloo, and the capital Willemstad. It is time for one more exciting experience before taking a seat, enjoying some more great cocktails and having a meal while admiring the beautiful waterfront strip in Punda known as ‘Handelskade’, the famous Queen Emma Bridge and the magnificent Sint Anna Bay.


At The Blue Curaçao Experience, this is just what you’ll get. You can follow the Blue Curaçao Experience Tour and learn all about Senior & Co.; the company behind the world-famous Blue Curaçao. Complete challenges, solve puzzles, crack codes and become a Blue Curaçao Experience Champ.


After completing the tour, you can create your own personalized (Blue) Curaçao bottle, or you can purchase the original one at our shop. Continue your way into our bar or terrace where you can sit back, relax and enjoy tempting bites and cocktails.


We hope that our list of Curaçao activities has given you all the insights you need to have an amazing time on our island. We look forward to having you with us!